Video Quality Assurance Program

Sonitrol, above all else, is a service organization.  Our confidence in our systems and the people behind them is backed by our Quality Assurance Program and we’ve put it in writing.For qualifying Sonitrol IP Video Services, we provide our clients the following:

‘Lifetime’ Equipment & Service Warranty

Sonitrol will provide a ‘lifetime’ equipment and service warranty on your IP video service, including all labor and equipment expenses required to repair your service.  Refer to the Schedule of Services for full details and exclusions.

Equal / Better Guarantee

If equipment is beyond repair, Sonitrol will replace the device with similar, equal to, or better equipment.

Loaner Guarantee

Sonitrol will provide a temporary recording device while customer’s is out for repair.  Sonitrol will provide support for the re installation and setup to the original settings of the appliance platform onto the IP video appliance itself.  Client responsible for all video client installations.

Annual Preventative Maintenance Visit

Sonitrol will perform an annual preventative maintenance of your IP video services upon request to help them stay in good working condition. This includes focus, test, and adjust of all Sonitrol IP video equipment.

Software Upgrade Service

Sonitrol will upgrade your IP video head end appliance to the latest software release as needed or requested, excluding any hardware upgrades.

Emergency Service Guarantee

A technician will address system within four (4) hours from the time of your emergency service request.  

‘Lifetime’ Support & Training 

Sonitrol will provide phone support or on-site training for your IP video services upon request.

‘Lifetime’ Technical Assistance

Sonitrol will provide technical assistance as needed in retrieving critical recorded images from your IP video appliance.

Video Integrity Check 

Sonitrol will supervise the hard drive health of your connected video appliance and the connection of the IP video cameras to give you the best chance of your video being available when you need it. 

To be in effect, Video Services Quality Assurance Program components must be selected on the customer’s Schedule of Services.  See Schedule of Services for further details.  Terms of the client agreement apply.