Multi-Sensor Camera


The Sonitrol Multi-Sensor (SN-2S-CPIR-W) is a cube style, indoor 2MP color camera that goes far beyond IP video. An all-in-one solution, this multi-sensor camera provides built-in features such as WiFi connectivity, PIR detection, 2-way audio capability and digital I/O. In addition to being light-weight with a small footprint, this camera can provide edge-based recording to the optional on-board SD card and be accessed via the entire 3xLOGIC VIGIL software suite. 

This camera was designed to allow for simple and easy deployment, and acts as a stand-alone or integrated security surveillance solution. Perfect for applications that require maximum functionality at an affordable price and installation is a breeze with our innovative scan and setup QR code. Edge-based (with optional SD card) recording software eliminates the need for an onsite video server, and wireless central station connectivity allows the simple integration with the onsite Sonitrol intrusion panel. 

Edge-based devices are becoming a leading trend in video surveillance. This all-in-one, standalone camera provides a host of benefits including remote accessibility, high image quality, digital zooming, easy integration, scalability, flexibility and affordability. The Multi-Sensor camera allows users to maximize both investment and facility security improvements. No other product on the market can match the combination of built-in features, picture quality, ease of installation, setup QR code, and edge-based recording options.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Setup - Scan and Setup QR Code
  • Easy Installation - Integrated Mount
  • Seamless Integration with Central Stations for Video Verification. 
  • Interfaces with the Sonitrol Mobile app for viewing of real-time camera images and for arming/disarming as a system or a partition.
  • The embedded VIGIL Server Software interfaces with the entire 3xLogic Software Suite.
  • Glass Break Analytics and Impact Activated Audio Detection Coming Soon